The nearly 30 participants of the GêBR course, taught during the IV Brazilian Symposium of Geophysics, had first-hand opportunity to use the newest version of GêBR.

Version 0.10.0 deserves recognition for a significant increase in quality and reliability of software. Thanks to the support of Petrobras, the GêBR Project is able to maintain a professional development team, which has taken great care to deliver to the user of GêBR the best possible product.

In terms of news, we can highlight the full integration of the seismic processing package Seismic Unix, with approximately 300 programs, and an editor of reports more comprehensive and friendly, with the possibility of simultaneous editing of multiple reports.

For now, the version 0.10.0 of GêBR is available only through the GêBR Live DVD 10.11. In the coming days, we will release binary packages for four Linux distributions. Beyond the Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora, from this version we now also support CentOS, which shows our commitment to users of high-performance machines, usually controlled by this distribution.

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Once again a short course on the seismic processing platform GêBR will be offered, this time during the IV SimBGF (Simpósio Brasileiro de Geofísica). The course will cover practical aspects of seismic processing in time, using a 2D synthetic data. The new versions of GêBR and GêBR Live DVD will be released during the event.

The symposium will be held in Brasilia from 14 to 17 November.

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