Once again a short course on the seismic processing platform GêBR will be offered, this time during the IV SimBGF (Simpósio Brasileiro de Geofísica). The course will cover practical aspects of seismic processing in time, using a 2D synthetic data. The new versions of GêBR and GêBR Live DVD will be released during the event.

The symposium will be held in Brasilia from 14 to 17 November.

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Last Sunday the first international course about Seismic Processing and GêBR took place at AGU 2010 — Meeting of the Americas. In the course, a synthetic data set was modeled and processed, introducing the basic concepts of acquisition geometry, filtering, deconvolution, velocity analysis, NMO correction, stacking, and time migration.

The whole computational environment was set up in just few minutes with GêBR Live DVD. All flows constructed during this course will be available soon for download, as well as the related documentation.

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The UNIPAMPA, a new federal university at Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, is organizing the Second Academic Week in Geophysics (June 21-25). The GêBR Project will offer a short course on GêBR processing suite and introduction to seismic processing in time. The course will be conducted by Dr. Luis Alberto D’Afonseca, the Integration Manager of the GêBR Project. Consult the academic program here.

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