Fews months after last release, a new one, 0.9.15, has come. It brings new functionalities for end users and developers. Besides, a great effort to correct bugs was done. As a consequence, the user shall notice a more stable seismic processing suite. For end-users, the most remarkable new features introduced in this release are:

  • Dictionary of parameters. It is a list of parameters, defined by the user, and attached to project, lines and flows, which is used to share a parameter among different programs of the same flow, or even among several flows of line or project.
  • Better support for local and remote servers. Now it is clear that input and output files of a flow are associated to a particular server. Furthermore, every time a flow is executed that particular choice of input and output files is stored and can be recovered easily for latter execution. A dedicated dialog enables users to select previously saved combination of server and i/o files. However, this feature should bring no complication to those users who do not care about remote servers, which will continue to work in the same way as before.

Developers interested in porting their programs to GêBR will see many great new features in DéBR:

  • Support to multiple working directories. The menus under edition are separeted by directories configured at DéBR preferences.  Besides, the menus can be sorted alphabetically or by last-edition date.
  • Better validation tool ensures that your menu is closer to be correct.
  • Filter support to file-type parameters permits that only some files are shown when the browser is invoked.
  • It is possible to specify minimal and/or maximal values acceptable for numerical parameters.
  • The documentation of a menu or program can now be automatically updated to reflect changes in their descriptions.

Besides, a new repository specifically for Ubuntu is available. See the install guide for details.

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