The three previous release introduced many core features. Some of them, despite useful, were cumbersome at first glance, like the setup of maestros and working nodes. This release brings an GêBR even more powerful but rather easier than before. From now on, the user can fully take advantage all astonishing features with much fewer technical complications.

But the 0.20.1 was not only about fixing the past, it moves forward presenting a new tab, which centralizes many common actions, like create, setup and run flows, as well as inspect their results. The user will no longer spend time bouncing from one tab to another.

A brief highlight of the news in this release is:

  • Powered Flows tab: This tab merges all functions of the previous Flow Browse and Flow Edit tabs, which no longer exist separately. The context is also explored to offer the users the best information possible concerning the action which is been carried on. For example, when a new flow button is activated, the list of installed menus is automatically displayed, when a flow is selected, its most important parameters are summarized, when a flow is submitted for execution, its output is shown on the fly, and so on.
  • Visual hierarchy of snapshots: It dates from ancient times the feature of take snapshots of the current state of a flow, and restore that states anytime. However those snapshots were not organized. They are now. It is possible to track them visually, knowing which states derive from whom.
  • Easy bootstrap: To those who use GêBR for the first time, initial setup is no longer required. No more questions about maestros, working nodes, passwords, and so on. Don’t you know what does this mean? Never mind, you don’t need to know that anymore.
  • Automatic grabbing of working nodes: Anytime the user access a new machine, its resources are registered by GêBR and a network of working nodes is being composed this way. No user intervention is needed. This is the easiest way to take advantage of many computers on a lab, putting them to cooperate to run your flows.

Many other minor improvements were made to provide a better and more intuitive experience to the users. Not all of them are properly documented yet. This should be fixed soon, at least with newer versions of the on line documentation.

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