Last release (0.16.0) introduced a connection model between GêBR and the working servers, rooted through a new player, known as Maestro. That change was the key to allow many remarkable improvements (see the post). However, that also brought some annoying behaviors, like few more login password requirements to establish all inter-machine connections.

This release brings wizards to simplify all that connection process, turning it now almost painless. But 0.18.0 is not only about fixing 0.16.0 drawbacks. There are many more improvements to mention:

  • Attached to each Line, a standard hierarchy of folders is now implied. That structure eases the dealing with files produced or accessed during the processing of a data.
  • A wizard helps to create new Lines, instructing the user on the setup of that hierarchy of folder.
  • Whenever the user hits a file chooser button, the browse will take place at the working machines, where de facto all the processing is happening. This is referenced as remote browsing.
  • English documentation completely revisited.
  • Dozens of bugs fixed.
  • Support to new releases of main Linux distributions, like Ubuntu Precise and CentOS 6.
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