The release 0.16.1 of GêBR comes with astonishing new features. Up to now GêBR established direct connections with processing servers. From now on, there is a new player, the Maestro. GêBR connects to a Maestro and it provides the processing servers under its domain. Since the Maestro controls the processing servers, it has the right to select which one will be responsible for execute a job requested by the user. This selection takes many factors into account, like the working loads of each server and the speed of their CPU’s.

Better than that, the Maestro can put many servers together to cooperate to conclude a job. Whenever a job can be split into small independent parts, the Maestro can distribute them to several servers. The Maestro is still in charge of collecting all responses, merge them and send it back to GêBR, where the user can inspect it as a whole.
The user can still interfere in this process, choosing how agressive the Maestro will be in the hunting for resources.

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