Great news: now parameters of programs can be defined by variables from the dictionary and employing arithmetic expressions. This feature gives great flexibility to the user to parameterize programs. Once a program had its parameters defined by variables (or arithmetic expressions employing variables) from the dictionary, changes in the dictionary propagates to programs automaticaly.

Quantities defined in the dictionary can be shared among all flows of a line, for example. So, using variables to represent common quantities is the easiest way to keep all parameters consistently defined through the flows of a line.

Loop support is the second major improvement in this release. A flow can be executed multiple times (with slightly different parameters), by setting an iteration loop.

Besides, a large collection of processing flows, based on the well-stablished seismic processing package SU, is released together with SU menus. Those samples are accessable through Help/Samples in the menubar.

As usual, binary packages are distributed to major Linux distros.

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