After quite some time, it is a relief to announce that GêBR is alive and working as expected, on fresh Linux install. Despite no binary package are available, a simple tool proceeds automatically the config/install process.

To install GêBR on Ubuntu, copy the command lines below and paste them on a terminal.

chmod +x
./ -S

The script will scan your system to detect missing GêBR dependecies, install them, download, compile and install GêBR, and download and install Seismic Un*x menus.

In case you do not have Seismic Un*x installed yet, here is a simple procedure to install SU.

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We are glad to announce a new release of GêBR Live DVD. It is based on the latest LTS Ubuntu 12.04. It comes with the most updated GêBR suite (0.20.1),  Seismic Un*x (43R3), and also standalone softwares from ToSCo Project. Besides the Unity as the default desktop environment, Gnome 3 is also installed.

This time, there is specialized images for 32 and 64 bits. Get GêBR Live DVD from download area.

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The three previous release introduced many core features. Some of them, despite useful, were cumbersome at first glance, like the setup of maestros and working nodes. This release brings an GêBR even more powerful but rather easier than before. From now on, the user can fully take advantage all astonishing features with much fewer technical complications.

But the 0.20.1 was not only about fixing the past, it moves forward presenting a new tab, which centralizes many common actions, like create, setup and run flows, as well as inspect their results. The user will no longer spend time bouncing from one tab to another.

A brief highlight of the news in this release is: (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

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